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Sell Devices

A simple react widget which can be integrated to any website.

This widget is applied on more than 400 storefronts

It was built within a span of just 1 month

NFT Marketplace

NFT marketplace is build atop polygon and Ethereum network for artist and musicians.

Glimpse of Profit & loss from the NFTs.

It was built within a span of just 1 month.

nft02 (1).png

Crypto Xchange

Centralised Trading platform for buying & selling cryptocurrencies.

KYC. & AML (Anti-money laundering).

Admin Panel for support operations.

Arch Exchange

Dencetralised trading platform built atop polygon network.

Coin staking & Coin leverage.

Advanced Trading Leverage.



RentoCircle is online platform for Indian Market to rent out things and earn money out of it.

Buy / sell / Rent the items you own

Earn money from unused items by giving it on rent



You can drag and drop your all images into the toolbox to quickly transform it into any PDF document.

Fastest than any available tools for conversion

Works on even 2G network


Number To Words

Android Mobile application and a chrome extension to simply covert number to words.

Number to words works across all browser

Used in financial app like stock market, reading companies financials.



Tezhyre help you to create video resume instead of pdf resume.

Video resume gives more clarity to the recruiter about profile

Reduces the overall cost involved in following up the resource


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